Donate! Foreclosure Properties Can Help Many.

Foreclosure? Donate? It sounds counter intuitive—even funny — to hear “foreclosure” and “donate” in the same sentence. Why would you donate a property which was about to be foreclosed? If you would like info about options that save you money and help your fellow man at the same time, please let me pull on your ear now. I promise not to shout. I promise you’ll hear some helpful stuff.

All our information from news campaigns report that house prices are collapsing. This can’t be good. Even worse—is when the news is coming from your neighborhood. After all, a recession is what happens when bad times hit other people. When bad times happen to you — we’re talking about a depression. What can you say? Debt and foreclosures are making it nearly impossible to stay above poverty. It’s bad enough for those of us workers and homeowners who barely scraped by in the past.

It is sure that the time will come some day soon, when many in our nation will be unable to pay their mortgage payments and will lose their homes to foreclosure. This is not so bad. What’s so bad is when this describes you.

There is a way out. There is a way to make the best of a bad situation. There is a way to make lemonade out of a lemon.

Consider giving a property donation to your favorite charity or cause.? It could save you money.

…Wait, what?

It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true, and a brilliant idea. You will not only pull well-known known charities off thin ice during our national debt crisis, but you will also save yourself some money. Think about it. Donations are tax deductible.

And with the housing market the way it is, you’ll be hard pressed to sell your house for anything near its appraised value.

That’s the key. There can be a huge difference between the appraised value of a property and what you can get for it right now.

The problem is that actual housing prices are falling faster than current appraised values. This problem is compounded if you need to sell fast. You’ll get even less if you’re a motivated seller in a buyer’s market. That’s what happens when you see a foreclosure coming. Much help has been had just in time by people who had their properties donated to charities. Because the appraised value of their properties can retain much of the original value of the property for a very significant tax deduction.

Have you ever thought about that?

In the end, the tax deduction will benefit you by giving you a deduction at the much higher appraised value of the house.

There’s more. Have you ever helped someone? It’s nice to give to a charity

Any charity will be happy to accept your donation: anyone from the Refuge International to the Project Life or Project Lifeline, or if you’re concerned with the life of a pet cat or other animal pets, even the Humane Society. Your choice.

You get to choose who your donation goes to.

You may be doubtful of going off the beaten path. Why, you ask, do you need to do something like this? Most people just let the banks foreclose on them. They lose an arm and a leg on the deal. What’s left? Nothing. But that’s the way it’s done.

If you donate, you save yourself some money. As well you’ll ease the pain of others. Comments you’ll hear at the local watering hole will all be favorable. I had a problem so I donated my house to charity. You will be in control.

And we must always consider… maybe someday you will be the one without a home, and someone will be giving you theirs through a charity. What goes around comes around.

Giving a property is throwing out a life line to a person stuck on an island of society—a man or woman wanting to turn the page and live his or her life free from poverty in a place called home. Throwing that lifeline will give someone, somewhere, a new little bit of hope.

Or not. You can give to your favorite college fund.

It is about time for us to add our means together and be united in this American republic and survive this crisis together. And the great thing is, everyone comes out happy: you, the charities, even the people who work at your local bank.

What if you want to get your house off of your hands fast? You’re in luck. Donating your house to a charity will move your property faster than any other known method.

In short, it’s a win-win-win situation. Donate your soon-to-be-foreclosed homes to a charity and help yourself by helping others.

For more information go to MatchingDonors or call 781-821-2204

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