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Donating real estate to charity is getting pretty easy these days. The reasons to donate real estate are getting pretty compelling too. You may not be getting enough income from the rental property. Fair market value for your property might be far higher than the actual price you’d realize from the sale of your property. Actual sales price can be much less during those times in which there is a distressed market.? People say we’re in such a time. Maybe you need to make the sale quickly. You won’t do the deal in a timely way at fair market rates. I know. A buyers market is just a nice way to say they have a license to steal from you. But what can you do?

Property donations for both your own house and commercial property can make sense.

A charitable gift of land, homes, even a fur? can result in a tax deduction. The animal rights group PETA will not complain. If need be you can donate the whole house–furniture and all to charitable causes. But don’t donate your cat. Donate property. Take your pets with you.

The benefits of? making a donation of? your property? can be better than selling. Why? Due to the quick liquidation of assets? Sure. You also get the opportunity to benefit charities and families with? needs. Charity is good. Find your favorite non profit and make a noncash contribution. Charitable contributions can be used to give you lots of deductions on your taxes.

MatchingDonors is rapidly becoming the premier organization for facilitating these kinds of transactions.

Organizations like? MatchingDonors give you an assessment on your property for tax purposes, sell the the property quickly and give a percent of the proceeds to the institutions of your choice. These can range from institutions devoted to education? like Hillsborough College, or great non profits like Habitat For Humanity or Cancer Research or even PETA. Humanity is served and so are you.

In short, you can make a silk purse out a sow ear. You can create a win-win-win situation. Donate your real estate to a charity and help yourself by helping others.

For more information go to MatchingDonors or call 781-821-2204

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